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Started to produce textile by-products of textile yılın'da AKKEM 2008, waistband, pockets, adhesive interlining, piping and piping cut, perforated, tarlatan katmıştır.bayan and men's clothing inside a wide product yelpazesi'ni variant tamamı'nı our website aksesuarları'nın 'You can find pictures of its products and categories. aimed at giving the perfect full-time service to our esteemed customers with the tools AKKEM textile free shipping offers.

consul-general in turkey accessing mumbai: india economic priority

NEW DELHI - Mumbai Consul General of Turkey Ceylan Ozen accessing the Turkish economy was no longer followed a policy of giving priority to ..

roe deer clothing to support the families of martyrs

ISTANBUL - Men's clothing leading companies in the Twin Deer Khan, he identified with the anniversary of Atatürk's death, produ..

has created its own collection of fabrics produced by

Adana Haci Sabanci Organized Industrial Zone, which is the operating partner of BCN Textile Kalo-Nisa 'Brainstorming' gives the name..

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